All DSpace IRC channels follow the DuraSpace Code of Conduct. We ask you to remain respectful in all discussions. We also encourage you to report any violations of the code of conduct to DuraSpace (see the DuraSpace Code of Conduct for more details).

While we do our best to provide live, interactive Q&A via IRC, obviously we all get busy at times (or need to sleep).  So, if you do not get a response via IRC, we recommend emailing your question to the dspace-tech Mailing List as an alternative.  If you are encountering issues with DSpace, you should also review the recommendations under our Troubleshoot an error guide.

There are two dedicated DSpace IRC (internet relay chat) channels (i.e. "rooms") on the server:

If you do not have access to an IRC client, or are new to IRC, the following web interfaces are very easy way to get started:

For a list of IRC client software, see:

Many current Instant Messaging (IM) clients also support IRC. Here's a list of widely used software you can install that will allow you to connect to IRC: