March 27, 2015, 1 PM EST


Dean, Jon (star), Kristi, Paul, Mike, Debra 

Regrets: Jonathan, Robert, Melissa

(star)= note taker

Dial-In Number:  (209) 647-1600, Participant code: 117433#




IFest and Summit Follow-up

10 minMike

Task Forces forming

10 minMike


6 minDebra


Hiring the Tech Lead

6 minMike



10 minDebra

Steering Committee 2.0

10 minMike

Additional Business

8 minAll


I. IFest and Summit Follow-up

II. Task Forces forming

Four task forces appear to be forming as a result of IFest conversations.  Mike will follow up with each:

  1. VIVO asset inventory.  Task force to review all VIVO assets: repositories, email lists, wikis, web sites, etc, record current status and attributes, recommend disposition/consolidation/expansion.  Mike to facilitate, Jon C-R, several others to recruit.
  2. User Stories.  Successful stories of VIVO use across a variety of institutions. For use on web site and in promotional materials.  Julia Trimmer to facilitate.  Carol Minton Morris of Duraspace.  Others to recruit.
  3. Implementation documentation.  Violetta Ilik to facilitate.  Organize existing materials in context of project management.  Technical/System, Data, Data Management, policy and local ontology extensions, User engagement and software enhancements.  Several sites with extensive experience on the non-system issues related to implementation.  Need to recruit these successful sites for participation.
  4. Contributed software and VIVO.  Task force to recommend methods for sites implementing VIVO to consider and use apps and tools to augment core VIVO installation – more than a listserv mention, possible inclusion in QA processes.  Chris Barnes and Ted Lawless interested in facilitating.  Consider models from other open source projects – Hydra Labs and others.  Others to recruit.

III. Budget

It is currently budget season, and invoicing season.  VIVO has had good responses to invoices to date.  Elsevier will drop out as a corporate sponsor (see below).  We will have money for the tech lead, promotional activities, project infrastructure as presented at the Summit.  We will extend Jim Blake at 60% for 6 months to allow time for hiring tech lead (see below) and transition to tech lead.  Six month period is from April 1 to September 30.

IV. Hiring a Tech Lead

V. Elsevier

VI. Steering Committee 2.0

VII. Additional Business

The meeting adjourned at 1:53