1. This XML file contains form definitions, each contained within its own
    <form> element. Each <form> element contains <page> elements that represent single pages of input. Each <page> element contains <field> elements with instructions for creating the fields on that page. This structure is mocked up below, for a single form with a single page.
      <form name="traditional">
        <page number="1">
  2. The default form has a name attribute whose value is "traditional". To change all submission forms throughout DSpace, edit the XML inside this form.
  3. To change a submission form for a specific collection, add a new <form> element with a new and unique collection-related value for the name attribute. (You can copy the XML from the default and edit as desired, as long as you change the name attribute value.)
  4. Create all appropriate <page> elements, numbering them sequentially starting from 1 in the number attribute. Within them, add individual <field> elements according to this template:
      <hint>Enter the standard citation for the previously issued instance of this item.</hint>
  5. Stop and restart Tomcat (See Quick Restart in Rebuild DSpace).