Most of the Enhancement Modules are installed much in the same way as the Essential Modules:

You may want to start with all the remaining Solution Packs first, and add the dependency modules as required.

Special note on installing the Video Solution Pack

This installation can be very tricky, and is possibly the most difficult of all components of the Islandora stack. Please see this post on the Islandora Google Group for details (please replace any references to release 7.x-1.3 with 7.x.1-5):!topic/islandora/wuOjmRTY5Rs

Viewing the installed Solution Packs:

Once you have logged into your Islandora site you can view a list of all current collections by clicking the Islandora Repository link.

You should see any collections that are installed as part of a Solution Pack, and they will appear with a default folder icon.

Check the Notes on Solution Pack & Tool Dependencies