these use cases are work in progress

Building on and distilled from the preliminary use cases and a revised subset , this page represents a further refined set of use cases to guide the ontology and engineering work for the project. The use cases divide into six "clusters" reflecting the data available to research institutions and libraries, and the core LD4L mission of leveraging the intellectual input of librarians, domain experts and scholars as they produce, curate and use scholarly information resources.

Cluster 1: Bibliographic + curation data

Use Case 1.1: Build a virtual collection

Use Case 1.2: Tag scholarly information resources to support reuse

Cluster 2: Bibliographic + person data

Use Case 2.1: See and search on works by people to discover more works, and better understand people

Cluster 3: Leveraging external data including authorities

Use Case 3.1: Search with Geographic Data for Record Enrichment and Pivoting

Use Case 3.2: Search with Subject Data for Record Enrichment and Pivoting

Use Case 3.3: Search with Person Data for Record Enrichment and Pivoting

Use Case 3.4: Authority tool for more accurate data entry

Cluster 4: Leveraging the deeper graph (via queries or patterns)

Use Case 4.1: Identifying related works

Use Case 4.2: Leverage the deeper graph to surface more relevant works

Cluster 5: Leveraging usage data

Use Case 5.1: Research guided by community usage

Use Case 5.2: Be guided in collection building by usage

Cluster 6: Three-site services 

Use Case 6.1: Cross-site search



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