Fedora Repository (fcrepo4)

Browser Interface

The application can be accessed through the browser interface for demonstration purposes of the repository's basic functionality. Once deployed (see Deploying Fedora 4 Complete Guide) navigate to either http://localhost:8080/rest using the one click install or http://localhost:8080/<war file name>/rest using the tomcat or jetty servers.


The primary way for applications to work with a Fedora 4 repository is through the RESTful HTTP API.

Indexing Message Listener

In tandem with the main fcrepo4 webapp is the fcrepo-jms-indexer-pluggable webapp.  It can be configured to listen to the Fedora JMS topic, retrieve messages including pid and eventType, look up object properties, execute transformations, and pass this output to external applications providing search and triplestore functionality.

JMS Indexing Helper App


Samvera and Fedora 4

Islandora and Fedora 4

Extending Fedora 4

Authorization Modules

Federation Connector

Storage Policy

Contributing to Fedora

Fedora is built with the contributions of developers just like you.  If you've found a bug, or have a feature you want to add, we would love your help.  Our Guide for New Developers includes links to our project resources (source code, issue tracker, mailing lists, etc.) and our Git workflow.

Maven Build System