Title (Goal)DSpace should allow batch deposits for end users and repository managers through the user interface
Primary ActorEnd User / Administrator
Scope(Optional – notes the perceived design scope. For example, does this use case describe the needs of the overall system or an individual component)
Level(Optional – a general categorization of whether the use case is a very high level summary or almost too low level)
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

A administrative assistant has about 150 digitized technical reports to deposit into the repository. Instead of entering each one by one, she fills out metadata on a pre-established spreadsheet according to directions. She provides a direct link to each report (on a server). She navigates to the appropriate collection and uploads the spreadsheet as a CSV. The repository processes the first row of the CSV to show her an example of what the metadata will look like in the system. She catches an error, deletes the CSV, corrects the mistake in the CSV and reuploads. After confirming that the metadata looks the way she would like it to, she agrees to the license terms, and clicks submit. The repository processes the CSV, ingests the PDFs into the repository, and then emails the admin assistant when the batch upload is complete.