The Basic Image module adds the ability to create Basic Image collections, which are capable of displaying GIF, PNG and JPG/JPEG files. Users can view a compacted version of the image on the object's View tab, or click the image to view it full-size. It also allows for creation of a thumbnail image datastream during the ingest process.



Release Notes and Downloads

Content Models, Prescribed Datastreams and Forms

The Basic Image Solution Pack comes with the following objects in http://path.to.your.site/admin/islandora/solution_packs:

An image object created using the Basic Image Solution Pack's content model will have the following datastreams:


Default Fedora relationship metadata

MODSMODS record, created at time of ingest
DCDublin Core record
OBJThe original image file uploaded

Thumbnail image, created at time of ingest

MEDIUM_SIZEA compressed version of the image, used on the object's View page

The Basic Image Solution Pack comes with the Basic image MODS form.