The Islandora Video Solution Pack is used to ingest digital videos into Fedora. It supports creation of derivatives in various different video formats, and requires the server-side installation of accompanying codecs to enable this functionality. It can also be configured to stream the video to a player window on-site using JWPlayer.



Release Notes and Downloads


The Islandora Video Solution pack can be configured at http://path.to.your.site/admin/islandora/islandora_video, and includes the following options:


If JWPlayer has been correctly installed on the server, an option to select it as a viewer will appear here.

Paths to ffmpeg/Theora executables

For derivative creation, the Video Solution Pack needs to know the location of the binaries that perform conversion. On Unix-based systems, this can often be done by running:

whereis ffmpeg ffmpeg2theora

and checking for binary package files located in folders called 'bin' (such as /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin, etc.)

Video conversion in any context is an extremely resource-heavy task that can be very taxing on the computer performing it. In the case of Islandora, when using these derivative creation options, the task is called upon and performed by the 'apache' user on the same server Islandora is running on and that users are performing other tasks with. When creating video derivatives on ingest, please consider either delaying ingest to a low-traffic period of time, or performing derivative creation on another machine altogether.

Content Models, Prescribed Datastreams and Forms

The Video Solution Pack comes with the following objects in http://path.to.your.site/admin/islandora/solution_packs:

A collection created using the Video Solution Pack's content model will have the following datastreams:


Default Fedora relationship metadata


MODS metadata record created during ingest


Dublin Core record


The original video file ingested

MP4MP4 derivative created during ingest by ffmpeg and used by JWPlayer if no suitable video exists
OGGOGG audio-only derivative created by ffmpeg2theora
MKVMKV derivative created during ingest by ffmpeg
TNThumbnail image pulled from a frame of the video by ffmpeg2theora

The Video Solution Pack comes with the Video MODS Form.