The Islandora Form Builder (XML_Forms modules) makes it possible for users to create, copy, and edit ingest forms, and to affiliate them with Content Models in the repository. The form definitions are defined in XML and stored in the Drupal Database.

The form builder can be reached by going to Islandora Form Builder (admin/islandora/xmlform).

From the main interface, users can:

XML Form Edit GUI

This GUI models the XML Definition, allowing the user to add/remove/edit form elements, as well as change their order.

XML CRUD Actions are very important. They define how to create/read/update/delete XML nodes using the form elements value and properties.

All actions define the Path and Path Context properties. These define where approximately in the XML document will the action be performed.

Path is an XPath that defines where the action will take place.

Path Context defines what context the path can be executed in. It can be one of three values:

  1. Document: The XPath is executed at the root of the document.
  2. Parent: The XPath is executed at its parents context. This is only valid if the form element is embedded in another form element like a tab panel or fieldset, and that tab panel or fieldsets Read action selected an XML node.
  3. Self: The XPath is executed in the context selected by the Read action. This can be a bit tricky to understand. Read is the first action performed on the form element before rendering the element. Its used to populate the form element with a value. The node in which it gets its value from is set to be the Self context.

XML Node Actions







How to Edit/Create Ingest Forms


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