Version 1.7.3

DSpace 1.7.3 can be downloaded immediately at either of the following locations:

DSpace 1.7.3 includes a security fix for the JSPUI. Although there are no known exploits, we recommend all 1.7.x JSPUI users upgrade to 1.7.3 (or 1.8.3 or 3.2) in order to fix this vulnerability.


DSpace 1.7.3 is a security fix release to resolve a JSPUI security vulnerability in the 1.7.x platform.

This security release includes the following fixes:

We highly recommend all 1.7.x JSPUI users upgrade to 1.7.3.

Upgrade Instructions

No new features in DSpace 1.7.3

1.7.3 is a security fix release. This means it includes no new features.

For a list of all new 1.7 Features, please visit the DSpace Release 1.7.0 Notes.

Bug Fixes


The following fixes were released in 1.7.3.

This release also included a security fix (which requires a JIRA account to view):

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