This page has been superseded by an ongoing Strategic Planning page, which describes all recent strategic planning activities.

The contents of this page have been kept as a historical record, but the ongoing work based on these Vision Discussions can now be found on the Strategic Planning page (and subpages).

This page is the homepage for discussions taking place around DSpace 3-5 Vision and Roadmap, begun in May 2013 but continuing into 2014

Who is involved?

The DSpace Vision work is a collaboration between several groups, and requires approval / feedback from all of them at various stages:

Next Steps / Planning

What follows is a rough outline of the next steps in developing a vision and ultimately a technology roadmap for DSpace software. Please keep in mind that many of these steps may involve differing and sometimes overlapping groups of people. In addition, these steps may not necessarily be performed in the order displayed below.

UPDATE: These planning steps have been "formalized" into a Product Planning Process

Working Documents / Drafts

Vision Meeting Notes

(Note: at this time, only a subset of the meeting notes are actually copied to the wiki...more meeting notes can be found in the archives of the 'dspace-vision' mailing list below)

Mailing List