Developers Meeting before OR13 on Mon, July 8, 2012

Face-to-face developer's meeting on topic of DSpace RoadMap before OR2013 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Who is invited?

If you don't fall into one of the above categories, you are still welcome to attend. However, be warned that discussion will likely get very technical at times (which is why we recommend you be a developer or have a technology background).

Space is limited. Please sign up on the Sign Up sheet below. If we begin to achieve capacity, preference will be given to Committers or DCAT Members. However, we welcome any interested DSpace developers to join us and take part in the discussion!


General Agenda

This meeting will be organized as a group discussion. Although at times one or more of us may lead discussion sections, it is meant to be a group discussion and not a series of presentations.

Meeting Notes:


1:00pm : Introductions

1:15pm : DSpace 3-5 Year Vision Initiative

2:15pm : Empowering Individuals / Small Teams to tackle features/bugs rapidly

2:45pm : Break

3:00pm : Open Discussion Topics

4:15pm : DSpace 4.0  Planning / Updates

5:00pm : End Meeting and Depart for Pub

Sign Up to Attend!

If you're planning to attend this meeting, please add your name to the sign up sheet. This will allow us to determine a proper headcount.

Sign Up Sheet - Will Be Attending

  1. Tim Donohue
  2. Mark H. Wood
  3. Hardy Pottinger
  4. Bram Luyten
  5. Andrea Bollini (CINECA)
  6. Sarah Shreeves (UIUC)
  7. Ivan Masár
  8. Andrea Schweer (LCoNZ)
  9. Sarah Molloy (QMUL UK)
  10. Ryan Scherle (will be 30 min late?)
  11. Maureen Walsh (OSU)
  12. Sid Byrd (Rice)
  13. Sarah Potvin (Texas A&M)
  14. Michael W. Bolton (Texas A&M)
  15. Jonathan Markow (DuraSpace)
  16. Terry Brady (Georgetown University)
  17. Aaron Helton (United Nations)
  18. Sarah Currier (Jorum, Mimas, University of Manchester)
  19. Anja Le Blanc (Jorum, University of Manchester)
  20. Richard Jones (Cottage Labs)
  21. James Evans (Open Repository, BioMed Central)
  22. Artur Konczak (Open Repository, BioMed Central)
  23. Peter Dietz (Ohio State)

Want To Attend / May Be Attending

Will Not Be Attending

Meeting Notes