Recommendations towards “Updating the Qualified Dublin Core registry in DSpace to the latest standards of the DCMI,” a priority identified in the October 2011 community survey on improving metadata support. It also seeks to comply with the proposal to Standardize the Default Namespace


Note: In addition to the child page of mappings linked below, see the grandchild pages, "Samples and decision points for mappings." and " Proposed phased schemas"

Glossary of Terms

Main goal of these recommendations

Possible Phases of Update

Ultimate goal = 'dcterms' schema as metadata registry default schema

For proposed phased schema changes see: "Proposed phased schemas"

Phase One: Add schema "dcterms" to the DSpace 4.0 default registry as an added schema (not the default schema)

Phase Two: Change default schema from "dc" to "dcterms". The "dc" schema is updated. "local" and "dspace" schemas are added to default registry


Outstanding issues for committers and community

Recommendation background

The original DCAT Discussion forum topic that lead to this proposal can be found at "Updating the Qualified Dublin Core registry in DSpace."

Relevant JIRA tickets

(please add any JIRA tickets that could be affected by this proposal!)



Areas/processes that will be affected by registry update

What areas and processes will be affected by these shifts? Is there any documentation of what features in DSpace are making use of certain fields? Where will the code be affected? Where are metadata elements hardcoded?

(pulled from September 4, 2012, DCAT discussion)