from 14:00-15:00 UTC

Location: (Meeting ID: 502 527 3040).  Passcode: dspace

Release Schedule (tentative):

  • Thursday, Apr 28 (PR Creation Deadline): All new feature (or larger) PRs should be created by this date. (Smaller bug fixes are welcome anytime)
  • Thursday, May 19 (Review/Test Deadline): All code reviewers or testers should submit their feedback by this date. Code reviews must be constructive in nature, with resolution suggestions. Any code reviews submitted AFTER this date will be considered non-blocking reviews. This means feedback received after Jan 20 is optional to address (unless the team or PR developer decides it is required).
  • Friday, May 27 (PR Merge Deadline): All new feature PRs should be merged by this date. (Bug fixes can still get in, as long as they are small or important)
  • Week of May 30: Internal / Early release goal. If possible, we'd like to release 7.3 in late May or first week of June.
  • Monday, June 6: Public Release Deadline. 7.3 must be announced/released by this date.

Ongoing/Weekly tasks:



Current Work

Project Board

DSpace 7.3 Project Board:

To quickly find PRs assigned to you for review, visit  (This is also available in the GitHub header under "Pull Requests → Review Requests")

New Feature development process for 7.3

Issue Triage process for 7.3