2010 Projects

1) Complete work on the "Dynamic Database" and release to the community: available here

2) Resource cleanup/building/refinement    

3) Promote networking and encourage more community discussions

4) Explore ways to involve more of the community in the release process

5) Help develop tutorials and webinars for the community

2009 Projects

1) Help organize the DSUG Meetings at OR2009 in May 2009 ( and DSUG stand alone mtg in Sweden in October 2009 (

2) Create a social network for the DSpace user community searchable by area of interest or expertise

3) Survey the DSpace user community and make all information available to the community through a dynamic database which can be queried and updated easily by users going forward ([Community Networking Survey Results|])

4) Create a list of projects/integrations/addons available for the DSpace platform

5) Recruit and organize a list of regional contacts for potential/new users who want to talk to someone local

2008 Projects

1) Hosted DSpace User Group Meeting after SPARC 2008 Conference: meeting notes can be found at SPARC DSpace RM Mtg