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Project has created an ARK plug-in for ARKs (DOI plug-in already existed).  John will turn this into a blog post for the next newsletter.  DOIs used for journals & issues, but ARKs used for article-level identifiers.

Maria Gould attended the PID Forum and believes there is space there to create an ARK niche within their activities and participate going forward (

(RM)  ARK is included in a UK cultural heritage persistent identifier guide and since it is alphabetical, it comes first!  URL needs to be updated from to

upcoming meetings, calls for papers, submission deadlines
  • DLF Forum deadline for proposals is May 17th (
  • No PASIG this year
  • Deadline for iPres proposals is April 30th:
    • IIIF & persistent identifiers
    • Changes in ARK specification
  • IIIF conference schedule not yet released, but there is an ARK related session included (the company is called Pleade -
  • LibNova (vendor) LibSafe (product) worked with Tracy and added ARK support through EZID.  (RM) British library is also using that product and is a big ARK user, so this could become a more generic solution.
  • JAK spoke with the author of the Dutch PID guide and ARKS will be included in the next version.  (Thanks to Roxana for bring this to our attention)

draft the page "OK I have my NAAN, what now?" (Tracy actually made a stab at this with her formulation of the tree of info under

(RM)  Reviewed Tracy's draft and now believes that all of the information is on the web page, but the amount is overwhelming.  Should we create a blog post or message template for how to respond to these requests.

(JK)  So a Quick Start guide approach is what is called for?  Yes.

(TS)  Take the Getting Started topics on the existing page and put them at the top of the page/list, so they are the first things up for viewers.

(JK)  The plug-in page needs to be reviewed and updated.  Tracy volunteers to reach out to posters and get updates / validate captured information.

(JK)  The EZID codebase is becoming more mature and potentially useful to others in the ARK community.

(MG)  The code is openly available, but is not being managed as an open source project.  Most changes are back-end work to improve stability of the code.

(TS)  It would be good for LYRASIS to run an EZID-like service.

(KE)   We have made a proposal that LYRASIS do this and there is interest. They just started a DOI service, so have limited bandwidth to take on additional projects.

wikipedia page

    • history section
    • rest of page

Peter has drafted a history section, and suggests that it should link back to a more in-depth history from an externally published source.

More sections need to be worked on, and can be addressed incrementally over time.

Peter was volunteered to take a first pass at copying in object-type-ARK-counts from the FAQ to the Wikipedia page.

Action items