1. Danny Bernstein
  2. Dave Goldstein
  3. David Wilcox
  4. Mike Durbin
  5. Robin Ruggaber
  6. Steve Majewski



Current priorities

  1. Validate migrated Fedora 3 data
  2. Update Fedora 6 instance to latest build
  3. Copy and mount migrated Fedora 6 content
  4. Complete migration
  5. Test content in Fedora 6

Status updates

  1. What is everyone working on?
  2. Are there any blockers?
  3. What are the anticipated timelines?
Wrap-up and next steps


  1. Migration to AWS server about 75% complete
    1. David will follow up with Steve on Monday for a status report
  2. Steve's parallel local migration failed due to a hard drive getting unplugged
    1. Steve will restart migration with checksum validation off to benchmark performance and determine if this is a significant bottleneck
    2. Disk usage was much higher with this migration than the AWS migration. Maybe due to Ex-FAT storage layout?
  3. Once the migration is complete it will be tested in the new Fedora 6.0 AWS instance