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Final sign-off (before translation work can begin) on new (English) shoulders documentation

Proposed: replace link to parallel gdoc version of FAQ with invitation to post comments to arks-forum. Why?

  • general public has only rarely used it
  • expensive parallel maintenance
  • similar functionality (to help maintainers of the French and Spanish versions) is offered by the wiki feature:  History → Compare versions

Proposed: graphic showing NAAN registry growth (promotional value?)

Numbers of ARK-assigning organizations since 2001.

Proposed wiki side bar edits:

  • move WG links up one level from below "working groups" umbrella (easier access to heavily used content)
  • move survey links (unused for some time) below top-level (where? Communications?)

Current side bar:

Rebranding (ARKs Alliance –, unfinished business:

  • sidebar: move the  older AITO focused "Resources and Value Statement" to archive
  • who is willing to work on logo ideas?

Action items