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Final sign-off (before translation work can begin) on new (English) shoulders documentation

after several rounds of feedback, this work seems to have settled down

general agreement to declare it done and move on

Proposed: replace link to parallel gdoc version of FAQ with invitation to post comments to arks-forum. Why?

  • general public has only rarely used it
  • expensive parallel maintenance
  • similar functionality (to help maintainers of the French and Spanish versions) is offered by the wiki feature:  History → Compare versions

general agreement to replace link; unfortunately, no input yet from translator members

Proposed: graphic showing NAAN registry growth (promotional value?)

Numbers of ARK-assigning organizations since 2001.

B: graph is fine for the FAQ

T: agreed, and it's simple enough to work at the small size

J: can see possible enhancements, eg, break down orgs by library, archive, for-profit, etc.

K: good enough to publish as is

Proposed wiki side bar edits:

  • move WG links up one level from below "working groups" umbrella (easier access to heavily used content)
  • move survey links (unused for some time) below top-level (where? Communications?)

Current side bar:

M: fine with sidebar changes, but when the newly branded site is developed we should think about what shoulder surfaced

T: need clearer distinction between external and internal communication as we establish new site; the wiki should be more internally focused than the new site

Rebranding (ARKs Alliance –, unfinished business:

  • sidebar: move the  older AITO focused "Resources and Values Statement" to archive
  • who is willing to work on logo ideas?

T: agree to archiving the Resources and Values statement

T: logo generation services online might be useful, but might require an entire group conversation; there are some contractors out there that might help
M: in the case of, we kind of just used the letters and added some triangles; one good thing is that logos can change as needed, so maybe we just need something functional for now; there are some free and openly licensed icons that you can search, eg, for "ark"

M: some icon sources: iconmonster, noun project

newsletter blog and mailchimp steps
P: Mailchimp account can be get started early, but no content until RSS feed; don't know if we can do WP free, but cheap should doable

P: will need payment to use; is what I have experience with and it's $2.59/month

P: recommend getting dreamhost account first, then role account for newletter plus config, then mailchimp role account

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