Version 1.5.0

DSpace 1.5.0 has seen the following bug-fix releases. If you are using 1.5.0, we recommend upgrading minimally to the latest version of 1.5.x:

Installation Documentation

The DSpace System Documentation is available from our list of DSpace Resources.

Release Notes


Release Coordination

Timeline and Proceeding

Please assign yourself to the trackers on SF and put anything you want to get done in the wiki.

Projected timeline:

Test instances

If you want to provide a test instance for 1.5 development, check out code from the 1.5x branch:

 svn co /path/to/your/src

General Major Changes

Release Critical Bugs

These are the bugs that must be fixed before we can release the next version of DSpace.

Known Issues

1.5.0 Has the following issues that will/should be corrected in 1.5.1


Next Release

See DSpace Release 1.5.1 Notes for the next minor release cycle...