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The DSpace.org information Web site

A general information page giving a high-level overview of what DSpace is, and some ideas and pointers for implementing DSpace in your organisation.

The DSpace Wiki

Where you are right now!

A Wiki is a dynamic Web site that can easily be edited by anyone (yes, anyone). This makes it a great collaboration tool. The DSpace Wiki contains up-to-the-minute technical information about the DSpace platform, and what people around the world are doing with DSpace. If you're working with DSpace, please post what you're doing to the Wiki! You can also find out if others are doing or have done similar work!

Particularly useful pages on the Wiki:

DSpace Demo Site

The DSpace Demo Site is a live installation of the latest version of DSpace software. It is setup such that the maximum number of DSpace features is enabled, so that you can get a better sense of all the various things that DSpace can do. This demo site also allows anyone to login as any "role" in DSpace: System Administrator, Community/Collection Administration, Submitter or basic user (Demo logins are provided in the introductory text of the XMLUI and JSPUI on the demo site). Finally, all user and system interfaces are provided (e.g. XMLUI, JSPUI, SWORD, LNI, OAI-PMH) - a full list of them is on the splashpage of the demo site.

Occasionally, the data in the demo site may be removed or refreshed. This demo site is not meant to provide permanent storage of content and is not indexed by Google or other search engines.

If you run into issues or have questions, feel free to contact us on one of the DSpaceResources#Mailing Lists or in the IRC chatroom.

DSpace Source Code / Downloads

DSpace Issue Tracking, Feature Requests, and Patches

The DSpace Jira Ticketing System tracks bugs, feature requests and patches for past, current and future versions of DSpace. It also permits voting on those issues you are interested in, and registering to receive updates - if you create yourself an account.

Documentation and Guides

DSpace System Documentation


Mailing Lists

IRC channels

User Group Meetings

The DSpace user community has at least one major user group meeting a year held in conjunction with the Open Repository Conference. For information about past or upcoming OR DSpace User Group meetings, including links to any available recordings and/or presentation slides click hereThere are also other country specific, regional or European meetings periodically. For information about user group meetings near you, check with your country's/region's DSpace Ambassador