Time: 11:00am Eastern Time (US)

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  1. Andrew Woods
  2. Rosalyn Metz
  3. Mark Jordan
  4. Jennifer Gilbert
  5. Peter Winckles
  6. Aaron Birkland
  7. Christopher Awre
  8. Ben Pennell
  9. Melissa Anez
  10. Doron Shalvi


  1. Ensure alignment between Committer and Leadership teams on technical priorities/direction
  2. Establish date (or criteria for date selection) for initial F6 Alpha release


  1. Resolution from previous meeting
    1. Use cases that will be supported
      1. The repository administrator will be able to create an OCFL object (with external tooling) in Fedora's OCFL storage hierarchy according to Fedora's expectations of where such an object should exist and how the object is to be structured.
      2. The repository administrator will subsequently be able to either reindex the entire OCFL storage root or request that Fedora index a specific OCFL object.
    2. Fedora OCFL Object Structure
    3. Fedora Header Files
  2. General Fedora 6 updates
    1. OCFL support
    2. Fedora 3 → 6 migration tooling (Fedora 4/5 → 6, not yet)
    3. Fedora 6 Testing
    4. 2020 Sprints - Fedora 6 - next: Aug 3-7
    5. Alpha timing?
    6. Fedora 6 Feature Tracking
  3. Leadership/Governance updates?


General Updates

Resolution from previous meeting

Major Takeaways

Action Items