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9-10am EST
via Google Hangouts:

Notetaker: Nora E.

Julie Hardesty
Anna Goslen
Nora Egloff
Annamarie Klose
Emily Ping O'Brien
Emily Stenberg


-this is a check-in to determine where the community is at in terms of a stable Hyrax 3.0 release
     *it looks like the alternative_title confusion has been marked as a blocker for the release: 

-Next steps
     *continue to monitor the rollout and testing of Hyrax 3, especially with regards to the blocker metadata issue
     *reconvene at the end of the summer, and make any needed changes to the MAP in order to reflect stable Hyrax 3.0 profile

-Set next meeting time
     *Thursday, August 13th, 9-10am EST