Call-in Information

Time: 10:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)



(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Alexander (Sacha) Jerabek  
  2. Rachid Belkouch
  3. Michel Héon
  4. Andrew Woods
  5. Christian Hauschke
  6. Joachim Dornbusch
  7. Matthias Lühr
  8. Nicolas Dickner
  9. Maxence Gévaudan


  1. Clarifying goals for the upcoming sprint

  2. Team roles
  3. Progress on sprint prerequisites
  4. Sprint logistics / scheduling

Note: If you have not seen the i18n-editor demo, please watch:

Progress on sprint prerequisites


Goal: Evaluate, compare, and eventually merge UQAM updates into VIVO core projects

  1. UQAM updates:
    1. These projects were not "forked" from their VIVO core counterparts... therefore
  2. Forks of VIVO core projects:
    1. Then UQAM updates were pulled into these core forks
    2. Example pull-requests have been submitted to the VIVO core projects


  1. VIVO - (ignoring whitespace updates)
  2. Vitro - (ignoring whitespace updates)
    1. Tests do not compile (`mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true -s <your.settings.xml>`)
  3. VIVO-languages - (all new files)
  4. Vitro-languages - (all new files)
  5. vivo-solr - empty??

Git recipes for accomplishing the above

Feel free to ignore if you are not interested how the sausage was made.

# Locally clone UQAM project (note: UQAM projects only include files that were changed)
git clone VIVO-uqam
cd VIVO-uqam/

# Create working branch
git checkout -b prep

# Reorganize code to align with core project structure
mkdir api
mv src/ api/
git add .
git commit

# Create a list of all that were changed/added by UQAM
find . -type f|grep -v .git > files.txt

# Pull down a copy of core project into a local branch
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream
git checkout -b upstream-master --track upstream/master

# Magic: bring files from the 'prep' branch into the 'upstream-master' branch
cat files.txt | xargs git checkout prep

# Clean-up
rm files.txt*
git add .
git commit

# Push to UQAM GitHub
git push origin

# Locally clone VIVO fork
git clone VIVO-uqam-2
cd VIVO-uqam-2/

# Create working branch
git checkout -b prep

# Pull down a copy of UQAM updates into a local branch
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream

# Magic: layer UQAM updates over fork of core project
git cherry-pick `git log upstream/upstream-master -n 1 --pretty=%H`

# Push to UQAM-2 GitHub
git push origin prep

# In GitHub, make pull-request to core project


  1. Introduction
  2. Michel about the UQAM motivation: Ability to manage french and english editing for UQAM. Changed 70-80 classes and a lot of FTL files. Finishing the french semantics in the sprint. English structure of pages looks strange sometimes. They were not able to test all pages in French right now.  Goal: Full french VIVO with multiple editing etc.
  3. All agreed on the goals. Additional goal for some participants: becoming familiar with VIVO.
  4. Three layers of test
    1. technical (selenium etc.)
    2. data (SPARQL queries)
    3. GUI (manual checks to see if the translations etc make sense in all three languages).