All of the below release dates/timelines should be considered tentative goals. This scheduling assumes a consistent developer contribution.  While we are working closely with the DSpace Steering Group and DSpace Leadership Group to ensure this consistent level of effort, it is highly dependent on ongoing fundraising to alleviate our reliance on volunteer-based development resources.  Therefore, the below timeline goals may change at a moment's notice. That said, we do our best to keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

Overview of 7.x Release Process

Because of the complex nature of recreating an entirely new User Interface (and REST API), the DSpace v7.x will adopt a slightly different release plan (than seen in v5.x or v6.x).

7.x Release Goals

Below are the very rough 7.x Release Goals. Keep in mind, these timelines may shift (backwards or forwards) based on our available developer resources and/or community volunteers.

The final list of tasks to complete are listed in our DSpace 7 GitHub Project Boards.

How you can help