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Functionality similar to Zenodo: It should be include local GitLab installations as well (not necessarily a CRIS feature).
Interested: Hamburg University of Technology (Beate Rajski)

We are dealing with several Identifier types within DSpace (CRIS), mostly kinds of Persistent Identifiers like DOI, Handle, URN, as well as ISBN, ISSN, URL or similar things. In many contexts it is necessary to know about the identifier type (for instance for lookup or for submission to DataCite or other services). Handling of identifiers is different: sometimes it's qualified as a qualifier in the metadata field (for example dc.identifier.doi or dc.publisher.doi), but this is not good extensible and requires some effort. So it would be nice to have a concept how to deal with these identifiers. A useful extension for that would be the automatic detection of the identifier type. Zenodo has such a mechanism by guessing and suggesting the identifier type. We would like to have such a mechanism for DSpace as well, in any cases, where different identifiers might be used. Zenodo is using a Python toolkit for that (, that might be useful to implement such a function.
This is not necessarily a CRIS feature only.
Interested: Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt )

An integration of lobid ( would integrate the German Common Authority Record Database (GND) and other lobid services (like lobid-organisations) into DSpace. This could be useful in various contexts:

We would like to have that integration for the various lookup use cases as one more simplification to get content into the entities.
Interested: Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt ), State and University Library Hamburg (Phu Tu 

DSpace's duplicate check is triggered on the first page of the submission form. For manually added records this is early enough, but for records taken from a database import operation, this is a bit too late. So it would be a nice feature to see a duplicate warning already on the search result page after looking for new records in databases.

Interested: Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt ), University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig )

Planned/Realized with 4Science

Working on

University of Bamberg (Jonathan Boss)OData Connector (REST API)  between DSpace-CRIS and Typo3-Homepage

University of Bamberg (Jonathan Boss & Cornelius Matějka )

Browsable organisation unit tree
Browsable DDC tree
4Science is also working on a more generic solution, highly scalable to visualize generic tree of objects (see ongoing project from HSU)
University of Bamberg (Jannik Lappe)Contact form for publications
University of Bamberg (Philipp Rumpf)ISBN Search (B3Kat and LoC)Merged in the official codebase commit 8ad1605388d96f75a29a058081142f140cd24bcd
University Kassel/disy (Stefan Lossow)Impact Pathway
University Kassel/disy (Stefan Lossow)API to DPMA or EPO patent database

In Production


University of Bamberg (Cornelius Matějka)

Multilingualism for discovery facets and browse indexesPR:

University of Bamberg (Cornelius Matějka )

Management of private CRIS Entities for researcher

If a researcher sets a CRIS Entity as private (e.g. maybe an future project => See also RDMO integration) we wonder how he would manage these items in future (maybe to update them). A possible solution would be a special area for such cases in the MyDSpace-CRIS Site with the correct rights management (only one's private projects).

University of Bamberg (@Philipp Rumpf)

Linked Open Data für CRIS-Entitie

Based on the DSpace modul Linked (Open) Data by Pascal-Nicolas Becker we created a own modul which works also for CRIS Entities.


University of Bamberg (Cornelius Matějka )

Site policy modal

Can be easily applied to DSpace (without CRIS (wink)).


University of Bamberg (Cornelius Matějka

Enable ENTER key in textareas and add suitable rendering of running text (e.g. abstracts, etc.).

PR: (merged)

University of BambergPrefilled contract formulars for download or mail delivery (submission process)

The extension could not be integrated in the official master (4Science) because of specific requirements and the use of Jasper. The jasper license is an AGPL so it is not compatible with the official DSpace-CRIS license. We are planning to push our source code into Git (according to Hamburg University of Technolgy).  

Hamburg University of TechnologyExtend journal lookup (in ZDB and in local entity objects) to lookup by ISSN instead of journal title

The ZDB integration has been pushed to github repository

University of BambergHide empty tabs on CRIS-Entity-Homepage
  • Hamburg University of Technology also has opened a ticket for that... 4Science told me, that it should be standard behaviour, that a tab without content is hidden, but for us this also does not work in any case.
  • University of Bamberg: We have asked Andrea at the AWT 2019. It should be standard but it is not at the moment. To support the development of the feature we opend a ticket right now.
  • Hamburg University of Technology: on our test system this feature is working as expected, so the problem should be solved in the latest master... Andrea Luigi explained to me, that the tab is not displayed if there is no content at all, if there are no metadata fields for the box (in jsp controlled boxes there is no need to display metadata fields either way). So, after removing the metadata from the researcher tab in an ou profile for instance, the tab will not be displayed (but, as I noted, only on our test system; on our production system the problem really is till there).
  • University of Bamberg: We have merged the latest master yesterday and can confirm that empty tabs on CRIS-Entity-Homepage are now hidden. So we moved that topic from "Planned with 4Science" to "In Production".