This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and slack chat. Anyone is welcome to join...here's the info:


Part 1: 

  1. Danny Bernstein 
  2. Andrew Woods
  3. Peter Winckles
  4. Jared Whiklo 
  5. Bethany Seeger 
  6. Youn Noh 
  7. Thomas Bernhart 
  8. Daniel Lamb  (star)
  9. Aaron Birkland
  10. Ben Pennell
  11. Rosie Le Faive
  12. Dan Field
  13. Ben Cail
  14. Mohamed Mohideen Abdul Rasheed
  15. Joseph Rhoads
  16. David Wilcox

Part 2: 


  1. Announcements
    1. Leaders call update
  2. Sprint Update:
    1. state of the sprint 
    2. design discussions
      1. Fedora's relationship with fixity digests (internal and external binaries)
      2. Search Service: Requirements and Design
      3. other open questions and decisions review
    3. Fedora 3→ 6 Migration work
    4. documentation review
    5. Java 11 issues? 
  3. Your topic


  1. In Review

  2. Please squash a bug!

  3. Tickets resolved this week:

  4. Tickets created this week:


  1. Announcements
    1. Leaders call was good.  Update on F6 development work, with a focus on developing a better communications plan around the work.
  2. State of the Sprint
    1. Intensified design work which has resulted in discrete, actionable tickets
  3. Design questions
    1. Should Fedora be able to store checksums for fixity checks?  General thoughts are "Yes, this is preservation software after all"
      1. Further still, should checksums for external binaries be stored so as to avoid charges when using services such as S3 and Glacier?
    2. Simple Search
      1. Sync vs Async
        1. Consensus seems to be around a synchronous search, as that provides value.  Asynchronous methods are generally untrusted.  There is also some desire to replicate Fedora 3's functionality w/r/t simple search
        2. Transactions make things tricky (as always), and there's questions around when to update the search index and whether or not you can search within a transaction.
    3. Other open questions
      1. 1:1 mapping between Fedora info URIs and LDP paths
        1. Continue with current model and solicit feedback on it.
      2. What to do with the converter framework?
        1. One of the more complicated parts of the code base
        2. Will not be neccessary to convet object types, but this ID/String to that ID/String would be neccessary.
  4. Fedora 3 to 6 migration work has started using Peter Winckles 's OCFL library.  You can check out the progress here: Fall 2019 Migration-Utils Planning