These instructions are outdated.  See DSpace 7 Release Procedure for updated instructions.

1. Tag Release on GitHub for dspace and dspace-angular

Provide a good tag name for the release.

2. Build Docker Images
The images could be built and pushed from the command line.

Terry, Tim, Pascal and Patrick Trottier have push access to our repo.

--checkout tag--
docker build -t dspace/dspace:<tag> -f Dockerfile.jdk8-test .
docker push dspace/dspace:<tag>

--checkout tag--
docker build -t dspace/dspace-angular:<tag> .
docker push dspace/dspace-angular:<tag>

Or, the build could be configured on the automated build screen.
Use the same tag name for the Docker image.

3. Modify the d7.preview.yml to use the new image names