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115Finalization of the MOU
Salwa and everyone
215Update on DSpace 7
315SG/LG membership rotation
410Update on the DSpace/Google Scholar webinar
55Other businessPlan S and ORCID+DSpaceeveryone


  1. Finalization of the MOU

    1. Salwa noted that there were two more issues that needed attention

      1. Her suggestion on changing the paragraph on governance was accepted

      2. The text will need to be reviewed by a lawyer to make sure that it's properly formulated

    2. Michele suggested that the text should be clarified on the participation of the DuraSpace international staff members in the governance meetings

      1. Salwa will add some text on this

    3. Other last-minute comments can be still sent to Salwa

    4. Salwa will send the text as an email to the leadership group, after which it will be voted on

  2. Update on DSpace 7
    1. According to Tim, the basic situation is pretty much the same that was presented in the April SG meeting

    2. The preview version is not out yet, but it should be out next week

      1. There have been two blockers because of which it hasn't been completed so far

        1. Submission interfaces - these are now mostly complete - should be ready today or on Monday

        2. Configurable entities

          1. There has been controversy around the existing implementation

          2. The review process has taken far longer than anticipated

      2. Heather noted that there is an announcement about the preview version that is ready to go once it's available
    3. There will be another review round before Open Repositories

      1. The system will need to be polished for the first training sessions at OR

    4. After OR Tim and Heather will work on building a better estimation process using new techniques

      1. Before we have better estimates, it's hard to say whether the final release will come out in the fall or towards the winter
    5. The development of DSpace 7 has been a learning process in many respects
      1. There have been delays which are related to DSpace being a community project, but there is also growing professionalism
        1. The new major features were already there in January, but they have been reviewed and polished
        2. 4Science, Atmire and other code providers have done a lot of work
      2. Lieven noted that there has been a lot of reviewing going on

        1. The positive side is that the code base is now very well reviewed and tested, with two reviewers for everything instead of just one
        2. The release is expected to be more stable early on than some of the previous new versions
      3. Tim pointed out that this is the first major release with test-driven development

        1. This makes it likely that the timeline between the beta and final versions will be shorter

      4. The final product - with many new features - will be exciting
        1. In terms of code changes DSpace 7 has been a bigger project than DSpace 3-6 combined
  3. SG/LG membership rotation
    1. The term of the current LG will end in June
      1. The annual election process will need to be started soon
    2. Michele explained the background for this process
      1. The current governance structure was accepted by the old DSpace Steering Group in May, 2018
      2. Instead of using a standard DuraSpace model the SG decided to adjust some of the criteria for LG membership
        1. This was done mainly because DSpace has very few platinum members (currently three + the German consortium) and lots of smaller organizations on the lower levels
        2. Otherwise the LG would have been a significantly smaller and less representative group
    3. The LG must decide whether we will continue with the current model or whether we go back to the standard DuraSpace structure
      1. There have been no major changes since 2018 in the number of DSpace members - keeping the current structure will generate the same number of leaders 
        1. If we want to keep a large number of leaders, we should keep the current system
        2. If we want to reduce the number, we should go back to the original model
      2. It has been suggested that the diversity of the current governance members is one of the main strengths of the DSpace community
      3. The governance structure is also an important piece of information for the membership renewal process - there have been questions about this
    4. We should make this decision by e-mail, so that this don't have to wait until the next meeting

      1. Salwa will help Michele in creating an e-mail to the leaders about this
    5. The Steering group will continue in its present form until August and will take care of the community issues while the elections are going on
      1. The term for each of the SG members is three years
      2. Since the current group was created only last year, three of the nine SG members are expected to step down this year
        1. The SG will have to identify these people before August
    6. Since this is the last LG meeting for Salwa who is moving to another organization, Jyrki and Michele will need to discuss who will chair the June LG meeting
  4. Update on the DSpace/Google Scholar webinars
    1. Michele reported that there have been two webinars organized already, for Brazil and Peru

      1. Both of these were successful, especially the Peruvian one, which had lots of questions and discussion

      2. César echoed Michele's assessment of the Peruvian webinar - it was a great experience, with participants from other Latin American countries as well
    2. There will be another webinar next week for the national nodes of the LA Referencia network

      1. LA Referencia will coordinate efforts throughout Latin America

    3. There are further plans to organize similar webinars for both European countries (Italy, Germany), African countries (Ghana, Malawi) and possibly for India as well

      1. Canada and the US might also be possible, if there is interest

    4. Michele noted that LA Referencia is interested in having more structured co-operation with DSpace

      1. Michele and Erin will meet the LA Referencia people in a COAR meeting

      2. The ideas from the meeting will be reported to the DSpace governance

  5. Other business

    1. Plan S and DSpace
      1. There has been discussion on whether the DSpace community should issue a statement on Plan S and whether it's planning to support the (still unfinished) practical guidelines
      2. Tim has reviewed the guidelines from the DSpace point of view - the Fedora community has also done this
      3. Tim noted that the COAR statement on the guidelines was very well written, and the feedback from the DSpace community would be closely aligned with it
        1. Jyrki mentioned that there has been some rumors of a new version of the Plan S guidelines coming out possibly later in May; should we wait for these?
      4. It was agreed that we should work together with COAR on this and promote joint statements, which are aligned with the Next Generation Repositories ideas
        1. There has already been some preliminary discussion with Kathleen Shearer
    2. ORCID and DSpace
      1. Since the meeting ran out of time, there was no time to discuss this topic
      2. Salwa will send an e-mail about this to the LG members