This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and slack chat. Anyone is welcome to join...here's the info:


  1. Andrew Woods 
  2. Danny Bernstein
  3.  Ben Pennell 
  4. Jared Whiklo  
  5. Aaron Birkland  
  6. Bethany Seeger
  7. Peter Eichman (star)
  8. David Wilcox


  1. Announcements

    1. Fedora Leaders update
    2. LDP - OCFL Not-A-White paper 
  2. Sprint Planning Update
  3. Happy camel toolbox news
  4. Import Export "mini-sprint"

  5. For consideration: two-layer architectural approach - refactoring the persistence layer
  6. <your discussion point here>

  7. In Review

  8. Please squash a bug!

  9. Tickets resolved this week:

  10. Tickets created this week:


  1. Fedora Leaders Update:
    1. Document's purpose is to provide a clear description of how LDP and RDF fit into Fedora 5 and 6 respectively.
    2. Not a debate, but an attempt to describe so that we can all be on the same page when we talk about the future of Fedora.