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  1. Documentation for ontology updates
  2. Interest Group or Task Force
    1. Marijane agrees with turning the TF into a IG. Identifier task would be as good as anything else. Maybe we can figure the process out as we go. Now that we have sprints, we can fall into this proces.
    2. Brian: Transform seems logical, IG seems to be a good thing.
    3. Christian: I hope we can transfer it into the IG
    4. Violeta: Steering Group suggests this, too.
  3. Which task to choose?
    1. Marijane: Identifiers (Identifiers – ORCiD, other – use cases, modeling, software.  See draft proposal here: could be a change that could done. Christian s pressing for identifiers. Maybe in or until the sprint. Software change has not to be done in the same time.
    2. Violeta: 18th december there will be a guest from Wikidata at the dev call.
    3. Brian: Are we able to solve the identifier issue until the sprint? There is a need for community feedback. Concern: There could be problems with the way ORCID (or others) denotes URIs.

      mike denoted_by x

      x a ORCiD

      x has_value x^^anyURI

    4. Violeta: We should have a look at Wikidata how they solved this problem. Wikidata ontology:
      3. ISNI would be a superclass to ORCID
    5. Juliane: Was thinking about adding ORCID to Eagly-I, good to know it comes from VIVO.
    6. Are we fine with reusing identifiers and structures from somewhere else (library land etc.)
      1. Generally yes.
    7. Christian: Stefan's comment in the identifier doc
    8. Brian: Semantic inconsistencies.
    9. Violeta: Will respond with some links to the history of this discussion.
    10. Christian: Maybe adding an icon to the ID would make sense.
  4. Violeta: We need a licence to the ontology, so that wikidata can reuse that.
    1. Violeta CC0 would be good for Wikidata
    2. Marijane: Maybe difficult because we are using (parts of) other ontologies
    3. Brian: We have to be careful what we publish under a licence in our repository. Revisiting the licences would be another task.
    4. Ralph: 
      1. I usually like to use LGPLv3 which is Compatible with more than the v2.
      1. If you are wanting to just let people do whatever, but still make sure they at least give credit and don't try to patent your work.  (They don't have the share code.)
    1. Brian will create a issue/ticket next week for the licence work.
    2. Juliane: Eagle-I has no licence, too. Will do research on which licence to choose. The outcome of the research will be added to the discussion in JIRA/Github.
  5. Language skills – use case, modeling, software.  See draft proposal here: (not discussed)


  1. In Progress or Review Ontology Issues

Open Ontology Issues