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120'Discussion on the Future Roadmap of DSpaceplease review the strategic plan from 2015All

DSpace 7 Alpha release in Dec

DSpace Release 7.0 Status

DSpace 7 Development Planning




1) Discussion on the Future Roadmap of DSpace

2) DSpace 7 Alpha release in December 2018

3) Outreach/Communication


  1. DSpace Roadmap and Strategic Plan: Looking the 2015-2018 strategic plan, the LG will create two WGs (can include proxy members) to look into the Technology Goal and the "Sustainability and Community" Goals respectively to explore where we are and that the future roadmap should be. Salwa will send out an email to the LG with a call for membership.

  2. DSpace 7 (alpha/beta release): A small group from the LG and the SG should meet next week to come up with a plan to define the needs of the release, involvement, resources and time commitment and more.  Salwa will send out an email to LG and SG for those who want to be involved, we will have to meet next week for 1.5 hours.

  3. Outreach Marketing Group -- Salwa will let the SG know (through the  SG chair Jyrki) that the LG approves the creation of a WG to provide outreach guidance and strategy to the main group that Carol leads. Maybe the two WGs should work together to develop "guidance and strategy" that the SG can help shepherd.

  4. DSpace NA User Group Meeting -- Unfortunately, we have not had any offers yet. Salwa will work with Carol to send out a reminder on Nov 12, but if we don't get any offers by Nov 16, Salwa will inform the LG and then we can request Kristi Parks (TDL) to continue with the hosting with the statement for EDI.