The Host Committee has provided a list of nearby SC18 - Restaurant and Bars to help organizers find a place for their "theme" dinner to take place.

Organizers: please add information on where you plan to meet (at the restaurant or elsewhere) how you plan to get there (walking down together, meeting at the restaurant, etc.) and when you're planning to meet.

Tuesday, October 9

Women in Tech Happy Hour (5:15 PM - 6:15 PM)

Restaurant: Porcupine Pub (University) -

Cuisine: Menu -

Price: $

Meeting location, time and plan to get to restaurant:

Notes: Some appetizers for the table will be provided; drinks and additional food are on your own. Feel free to stay for dinner if you want, or head out for other plans!

  1. Anna Headley (Organizer)

  2. Casey Davis Kaufman
  3. Tracy MacMath
  4. Carolyn Caizzi
  5. Margaret Mellinger
  6. Jennifer Young
  7. Julie Allinson
  8. Sadie Roosa
  9. Katherine Lynch
  10. Nabeela Jaffer
  11. Nora Egloff
  12. Emily Porter
  13. Maria Whitaker
  14. Rachel Jane Wittmann
  15. Anna Neatrour
  16. Kelly Chess - kelly at notch8 dot com
  17. Ayse Durmaz
  18. Lynette Rayle
  19. Carolyn Cole
  20. Linda Sato 
  21. Alicia Morris

Valkyrie Dinner (6:30 PM)

Everyone welcome, come and talk about Valkyrie if you have questions or just want to talk about what's coming up!


Cuisine: Menu -

Price: $$

Meeting location, time and plan to get to restaurant:


  1. Trey Pendragon
  2. Carolyn Cole (Organizer)
  3.  Anna Headley
  4.  Jim Coble
  5.  Adam Wead
  6.  Julie Allinson
  7. Johannes Frenzel
  8. Esmé Cowles
  9. Frederick Rodriguez
  10. Simeon Warner
  11. David Wilcox
  12. Tracy McCormick
  13. Full

Wednesday, October 10

New to Samvera

RestaurantAristo’s Greek Restaurant, 244 S. 1300 E.

Cuisine: Greek

Price: $$

Meeting location, time and plan to get to restaurant: 

Reservation is for 6:30 PM.  Meet at between 6:05-6:10 at the University Guest House lobby/entrance to take the courtesy van to the restaurant around 6:15, or meet us at the restaurant if you prefer to walk down.  The van is first come/served and can't be reserved but should be available.


  1. Andrew Rouner (Organizer)

  2. Devanshu Matlawala
  3. Thomas Scherz
  4. Gregorio Luis Ramirez
  5. Doug Goans
  6. Kelly Chess - kelly at notch8 dot com
  7. Brian Hole - if there's still room!
  8. May also be one more.

Hyrax Research Data Repository (5:15 pm)

Restaurant: Spitz SLC - Home of the Doner Kebab - Restaurant in Salt Lake City, UT (

They don't take reservations. Called in and was suggested to come early to get a table, so hopefully we will get a table or two for the group. Time: 5:30



Meeting location, time and plan to get to restaurant: 


  1. Nabeela Jaffer(Organizer)

  2. Fritz Freiheit
  3. Johannes Frenzel
  4. Will Sexton
  5. Moira Downey
  6. Sherry Lake
  7. Jon Dunn
  8. Chris Diaz
  9. John Weise
  10. Brian McBride
  11. Julie Winchester (Due to flight issues, not able to make it to the conference at all, sorry!)
  12. Jim Coble
  13. Jose Blanco
  14. Chris Awre
  15. Ayse Durmaz

University of California Meetup (reservation at 6pm)

Restaurant: The Pie Underground Aristo

Cuisine: Pizza - vegan, nut allergy, and gf friendly - menu: 

Greek/Mediterranean - menu:

Price: $$

Meeting location, time and plan to get to restaurant: reservation under "Alex"


  1. Arwen Hutt (co-organizer)
  2. Hardy Pottinger(co-organizer) 
  3. Chrissy Rissmeyer (co-organizer)
  4. Stephen Gurnick
  5. Rachel Jaffe
  6. Matt Critchlow 
  7. Lisa McAulay
  8. Jessica Hilt 
  9. Tim Marconi 
  10. John A Ajao 
  11. Alexandra Dunn
  12. John H. Robinson, IV
  13. Kevin S. Clarke
  14. Greg Reser
  15. Solomon Hilliard
  16. Full

High West Saloon (6:30pm)

Restaurant: High West Saloon

Cuisine: Gastropub style (

Price: $$-$$$

Meeting location, time and plan to get to restaurant: Meet at University Guest House lobby at 6 p.m.

Notes: High West is a 30-40 minute ride from Salt Lake, to make it worth the hike out getting a few people to share rides seems reasonable. Every 3-4 people will need to arrange for an Uber/Lyft/Rental Car. A reservation has not yet been made.

  1. Daniel Sanford
  2. Aaron Colller

Thursday, October 11, 7pm

Vegans Unite! (non-vegans are welcome, of course)

RestaurantVertical Diner (reviews), Jade Room, reservation is for 10 people, but the room seats 40, I'll adjust the reservation as needed (reservation confirmed 10/11/2018)

Cuisine: Vegan

Price: $$

Meeting location, time and plan to get to restaurant:

Map to Vertical Diner from the Guest House

Plan on meeting in the lobby of the Guest House around 6:30pm, we can call as many rides as we need. It's about a 15 minute ride.


  1. Hardy Pottinger  (Organizer)
  2. Johannes Frenzel
  3. Trey Pendragon
  4. Brian McBride
  5. Julie Allinson  ( about 80% plant-based (wink) )
  6. Jennifer Young
  7. Adam Malantonio
  8. Harish Maringanti

Tabernacle Choir Rehearsal

This will be dinner followed by a trek to Temple Square to hear the Tabernacle Choir's Rehearsal.  The choir rehearses from 7:30-9:30, but it is ok to come and go during that time.

Restaurant: Blue Iguana165 S W Temple

Trax to Template Square area:  Trax Red line toward Day Break; At Court House Station, change to either Blue line toward Salt Lake Central OR Green toward Airport; Exit at Temple Square station

Cuisine: Mexican

Price: $$

Meeting location, time and plan to get to restaurant:  TBA based on sign-up.  Watch for more info.  Ping elrayle in Slack with questions.

We are traveling in two groups:

1) by Trax leaving promptly at 5:10 from center break area of 1st floor. Look for Lynette Rayle

2) by Lyft leaving just after sessions end at 5:30 from just outside Gould Auditorium.  Look for Chris Colvard

Reservation is for 6:00pm


  1. Lynette Rayle (Organizer)
  2. David McCallum
  3. Eben English
  4. Doug Goans
  5. Andy Smith
  6. Anna Headley
  7. Tracy MacMath
  8. Maria Whitaker
  9. Chris Colvard
  10. Steven Ng
  11. Frederick Rodriguez
  12. Full

Cloud Preservation Dinner

Dinner to discuss the range of cloud preservation work being presented on this week.

Restaurant: Cucina /

Price: $$

Cuisine: American (New) (menu)

Reservation time: 6:15pm


  1. Esmé Cowles
  2. Ryan Steans
  3. David Schober (Carolyn Caizzi in spirit)
  4. Katherine Lynch
  5. David Wilcox
  6. Jonathan Rochkind
  7. Full