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Please add issues that users are running into in your Hyrax instance. Or things that you have had to make significant work-arounds to avoid. We will use this list to get feedback from UX interest group. The UX group may identify issues on this list that could use further testing or may suggest design fixes. 

  1. Adding a new file/replacing a file - steve van tuyl
  2. Contextual parent-child relationship information on the item showpage - specifically, parent relationships are not indicated, making it hard to understand the PCDM context - steve van tuyl
  3. CAPTCHA on contact form - steve van tuyl
  4. Choosing an admin set (lots to unpack here, but Admin sets determine visibility and release policies and workflows. There is a real downside for choosing the wrong one)- Julie Rudder
  5. Sharing works - shared works show up on "Managed Works" tab. Julie Rudder thinks this doesn't make sense in this context. Add to "Your Works" or change the label to "Managed Works"? - Gabriela A. Montoya
  6. Two citations buttons - jenn
  7. when on the review submissions page, if i navigate to a work to review it, then i review it, then i save the reviewed work, i want to be sent back to the review submissions page. Instead, i get sent to the dashboard (question) steve van tuyl
  8. On Edit of a work, the Files tab should show all of the files that are currently  attached to the work. Currently the tab shows no files, making it disorienting to users who are trying to make file changes on a work. steve van tuyl
  9. Managing embargoes
    1. Deactivating embargoes does not actually change permissions: - Tom Johnson
      1. also, the interaction b/w files and works is confusing
    2. No auto-expire for embargoes (must be done manually) Chris Diaz
    3. Select/deselect all button missing - Brian McBride
    4. Navigates to confusing page after deactivating embargo - 
  10. Breadcrumbs (lots of progress was made in 2.1, add remaining work here) - Moira Downey 
  11. Ownership concept for Digital Collections 

Also see Nurax Issues: 

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  1. Julie Rudder Assume these issues should be cross-checkable against latest ?  

  2. Adam Joseph Arling yes for sure. Chris Diaz will have the latest scoop on nurax developments! FWIW, these are all still problems as of 2.1.