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  1. Gary Geisler

    What do you think about these two small tweaks?

    1. Separate General Settings into Basic and Advanced
      1. Basic: Nestable, Multiple Membership, Discovery, Sharing, Require Membership
      2. Advanced: Workflow, Visibility, Control Visibility
    2. Switch the order of Require Membership and Sharing, such that Sharing appears first.  I think Sharing will be much more common.


    I noticed that Require Membership says at least one.  I'm wondering about a setting for one-and-only-one.

    1. I'm not sure separating settings into Basic and Advanced makes sense. I understand that from a development point of view you plan to tackle the ones listed under Basic before the ones under Advanced, but that's of course irrelevant to the end-user of this page. And from the user point of view, these are all just checkboxes; there's nothing "advanced" (e.g., additional configuration to be made on this page) associated with checking or unchecking any of these boxes. So this will feel like a very arbitrary separation to the end-user.

      Switching the order of Require Membership and Sharing seems fine. I'll update the mockup.

      Maybe we (the WG) should discuss Require Membership and the Multiple Membership options a bit more. I'm not sure I completely understand either of those, given the settings are per collection type. So it might make complete sense to have a setting for "one-and-only-one" but I'd like to understand exactly how that differs from the two existing membership options.

      1. RE: Advanced vs. Basic...  I can see your point.  I can also see that checking the ones identified as advanced require more thought by the site designer.  We can chat more in WG.

        RE: Require & Multiple...  I wasn't thinking about how those two could be used together to create one-and-only-one.  Perhaps it would be an easier leap for folks if the order were Nestable, Discovery, Sharing, Multiple Membership, Require Membership.  The proximity would clue users in that they can work together to control membership properties.

  2. I just noticed that the participants were copied from the Collection Type tab.  These should be Managers, Depositors, Viewers.

    1. This is the Collection Type tab. We're configuring settings and participants for this collection type, so I believe the relevant participants are what the mockup shows, Managers and Creators.

      There is no participants configuration associated with the Collection Type tab. That tab is simply for creating, renaming, and deleting collection types.

      The user designates Managers, Depositors, and Viewers on the Collection Create/Edit page (p. 11 of the last big PDF I shared).

      1. You are totally right.  I had my mind in a different space as I was writing the Collection Types document.