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  • Agile PM + Service Management Group meeting at HC 2016
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Facilitator: Kieran Etienne & Nabeela Jaffer
Notetaker: Amy Neeser 

Agile PM IG:
Nabeela and Matt Critchlow started the agile group 
2 meetings: tools, how teams are formed, how to share experiences 
Share challenges, learn from each others’ experiences
Not only focusing on SCRUM
Service management group: 
Chaired by Kieran
Product ownership / service management / product management 
Current iteration has been meeting since February 
Interested in learning about and leveraging agile methodology for service management 
Also interested in those who are experienced with service management or agile 
Differing experience levels so strategizing for meeting high priority needs of people showing up to this conversation. 
What people want from this group: 
Best practice collaboration
Commiserate with and learn from other people 
New to service management and new to agile 
Interested in moving to agile methodologies 
Interested in understanding how the community works from a development perspective 
Align the local efforts with the community 
How to sustain multiple projects with limited people 
Would like to learn about service manager roles 
Interested in roles and service development 
Interested in short term combining of groups 
Service management is informed by SCRUM 
Can be a gap between service manager and product owner 
How do non-developers talk to non-developers about this work?
Combing groups adds to developing workforce conversation 
Is this an interest group around process management? Working groups could come out of this. 
Recommendations about roles and methodologies 
Would like to learn more about agile in order to better work in teams 
More interested in agile than service management 
Has been doing both agile and service management badly so would like to improve
How to not stagnate a service that is already running
Agile leader has left institution so team needs some help
Proposed ideas: 
Agile method: 
combine group for 3-6 months and then do retrospective to analyze
Combining these groups, talk about process management.
Deliverables that can be worked on by more specific working groups.  
Featured topics advertised in advance 
This idea needs to be pre-planned and programmed 
There was so much interest in the service management group that Kieran feels optimistic people will be up to this. 
Roles differ between institutions and methodologies so we could map out who is doing what to generate case studies. 
Characterize what we are doing vs. forming archetypes  
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