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  • Thursday, Feb 26th.
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Date: Thursday Feb 26th

Time: 8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm GMT


Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025#






Agenda and notes

  1.  Roll call
    1. Facilitator and note taker for this call?
    2. Call for agenda items
  2. Reviews
    1. Web presence matrix
      1. What do we do with this information? 
      2. Next steps
        1. group should share thoughts about what the matrix tells us
          1. Tom and Karen thoughts were: None of these sites do everything well.  Many have information distributed between a wiki and a web site.  We should really decide who the web site is for and what information those people need to get easily.  Decide what information can be relatively static and what needs to be refreshed and updated.  And what should be editable by community.  We need to make it clearer on the wiki what pages are encouraged to be edited and which should be more controlled.
    2. Hydra Audiences and Information Needs
      1. What personas should be developed from this list?
        1. Karen thought Tom's list was really good and hit all the key players in nice simple groupings (not too many)
      2. Identify what personas are high priority for interviews
        1. next steps - group should identify people to interview in each category
        2. consider specific questions to ask during interview
      3. Split up personas - who will do what?
  3. Prepare for Power Steering
    1. Interim report for Power Steering, anything needed?
    2. what questions does this group need answered by power steering?
  4. Next steps - see above
  5. Next call
    1. Date? Tuesday 10th, March
    2. Facilitator? tbd
    3. Note taker? tbd


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