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  • RDF Working Session - Q3 Partner Meeting - 9/17/2013
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Fedora 4 - Hydra involvement - RDF Implication


  • Hydra seems to migrating to RDF both in terms of metadata representation and object representation
    • What are the opportunities going forward
      • Can we move to RDF as the native storage for metadata?
      • How do we structure objects via RDF?
  • Approaches
    • Metadata first
      • Metadata standards vary
      • Metadata standards evolve
    • UCSD
      • Use RDF as a flexible way to accommodate this variability
      • Do store serialized version in repo for preservation purposes
      • Use Solr for real-time discovery (rather than underlying triple-store)
      • New collection and object types present new engineering challenges each time
    • Penn State
      • Uses RDF for back-end storage
      • Uses Dublin core (plus some other vocabularies) as inspiration for user presentation
      • ActiveFedora didn't initially have current RDF support - would have used current capabilities if they had existed at the time
  • Action Items
    • Start RDF in Hydra hub on the wiki
      • Start to capture object representation for specific content types (i.e. image, book, etd, etc.)
    • Review Matt Z's initial docs, update, and add to RDF hub
    • Find time and space at next Hydra meeting to do in-person collaboration on data modeling
      • Initiate Hydra RDF working group!
      • Prior to Q4 Partners?
    • Connect with Simeon Warner - Cornell - re: active triples
    • Identify what tooling is needed to flesh out RDF capabilites
      • Export transforms: RDF --> specific schemas
      • Import transforms: specific schemas --> RDF
      • Locate, invent, and share predicates (either a tool or some documentation)
      • Harvest, index, and link to vocabularies/authorities
      • Store URIs and surface strings (maybe a pattern worth documenting rather than a tool)
      • More efficient, "better" (question) querying of the graph (maybe needed?)
    • Identify how to expose necessary information from objects to properly display/export/manage them...
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