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General Notes

  • Run bundle install for applications or bundle update for gems/engines
  • Run Solr/Fedora using the instructions below, then run bundle exec rspec in another window
  • Replace $VERSION with the version being tested, or set an environment variable `VERSION=4.6.2-RC-1`

Active Fedora (should work for most Hydra gems)

Run Solr and Fedora in separate windows:

$ echo "version: $VERSION" >> lib/generators/active_fedora/config/fedora/templates/fcrepo_wrapper_test.yml
$ solr_wrapper -n hydra-test  -p 8985
$ fcrepo_wrapper --version $VERSION -p 8986


Run two Solr instances and Fedora in separate windows:

$ solr_wrapper -p 8984 -i tmp/blacklight-core-test -n blacklight-core-test -d solr/config
$ solr_wrapper -p 8985 -i tmp/hydra-test -n hydra-test -d solr/config
$ fcrepo_wrapper --version $VERSION -p 8988

Valkyrie with fcrepo-5.0.0-RC

Run the test servers with the 5.0.0 RC: FCREPO_VERSION=5.0.0-RC-2 rake server:test

Run the test suite with Fedora 5 compatibility enabled: FEDORA5_COMPAT=true rspec

Sufia, Curation Concerns, and Hyrax (should work for most Hydra engines)

Run Solr and Fedora in the test application that is built using Engine Cart:

$ bundle exec rake engine_cart:regenerate
$ cd .internal_test_app
$ echo "version: $VERSION" >> config/fcrepo_wrapper_test.yml
$ bundle exec rake hydra:test_server

(should also work for most Hydra apps)

Run Solr and Fedora in the main application:

$ echo "version: $VERSION" >> config/fcrepo_wrapper_test.yml
$ rake hydra:test_server
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