Contribute to the DSpace Development Fund

The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.

General update/appeal for community participation

Message regarding attendance at targeted meetings/conferences

  • to be distributed through blogs, social media week of Feb 6
  • please offer feedback in comments

DSpace 7 UI Project Plain Language Summary

  • to be distributed through blogs, social media; 1-page handout
  • please feel free to edit/improve

Search and Browse Update

  • to be distributed through blogs, social media week of Mar 27
  • please feel free to edit/improve

 5 What's new and different in DSpace 7?

Short summary for non-developers. A plain language summary of the changes to appearance and functionality (rather than information about the decision-making process).

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  1. Thank you for putting this together, Carol! The piece provides a nice summary of the work done to date and resources to find more info.

    I only have a couple suggestions on the 2nd to last paragraph:

    "The primary goal is to clean up the DSpace API." - would it be possible to add a little more detail on why it needs cleaning up or what is envisioned for its redesign? If not I think this sentence can be safely removed since the first sentence of the paragraph already talks about cleaning up Rest API

    "Be on the lookout for requests for community feedback on email lists." - would it be appropriate to mention some of the mailing lists here so users could subscribe if they are interested to know more? Same for the Slack channel if it's already set up.

    Thank you for considering! Mariya

    1. Thank you Mariya. I think the list of links offer insight into the overall development "picture" with regard to why the DSpace API needs cleaning up especially the DSpace UI working group. I have removed the sentence you suggested and added a note about how to join the new DSpace slack and a link to sign up for the DSpace community list.

  2. Thank you Mariya and Pauline!

  3. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for this! I did have one small comment on the following sentence in your communication.

    While coding is not yet underway the group is investigating exciting ideas including advanced browse capabilities and looking for more community members to get involved. 

    The DSpace 7 UI Working group has in fact already started on the development of the new interface. 

    Kind regards

  4. Thank you, Carol! The published message is reposted to Canadian IR managers listserv.