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Sprint planning

  • Nianli will only be available part-time this sprint
    • Will create ticket similar to the following which will focus on using 'migration-utils' with an Indiana repository
    • Will look at the following ticket later in the sprint if time allows


  • Nianli's Standup notes: 
    • Yesterday: sprint meeting with Andrew, reviewing the JIRA issues, and picking the ones I would like to work on, exchanging some thoughts with Mike about the migration-utils testing.
    • Today: create FCREPO-1465 - Getting issue details... STATUS  , but it appears in wrong board. Need move to the fedora 4 scrum board, check out existing fedora 3 data model, and pick up the candidates for migration 
    • Blocker: need move the issue to fedora 4 scrum board, thanks!


  • Nianli's Standup:
    • Yesterday: checking out our existing fedora 3 data model, and pickup some candidates for migration.
    • Today: Will setup the migration-utils, and try to migrate the mass-book data (currently will use small data set first)
    • Blocker: none


  • Nianli's Standup:
    • Yesterday: setup the migration utils, try to migrate the page level data (limit to 2 records), successfully migrated.
    • Today: will try on another photocat data
    • Blocker: none


  • Nianli's Standup
    • Yesterday: try on photocat data, the records was migrated to fedora 4, but item-metadata info was wrong, and item-metadata has duplicated entries. Try on more records, but has errors. Record doesn't have master file, but not sure why throws org.fcrepo.client.FedoraException about error creating resource for master (204 No Content).
    • Today: will try on different data model, and document the testing.


  • Nianli's Standup
    • Last Friday: tried on the development repository, migrated a few records. Stopped due to one master datastream has no content. Suggestion for the migration-utils: should provide the function that start from a particular record, or skip first n number of records. This way we can keep the migration going if there is any records the migration-utils can not process now.
    • Today: Will try on the production repository with different file structure.
    • Blocker: none.


  • Nianli's Standup:
    • Yesterday: tried on the production repository for migration. Failed. Discussed with Mike, and documented the error on JIRA. The reason of fails is IU has different datastreamStore structure.
    • Today: Will try on development datastreamStore, and see how the migration-utils process the data with redirection and policy.
    • Blocker: none.


  • Nianli's Standup:
    • Yesterday: tried on development data stream store, some of the redirections were migrated, some weren't. Policy was not migrated correctly. The error info has been documented in the JIRA.
    • Today: Would like try on more data models.
    • Blocker: none


  • Fedora Tech Cal
  • Nianli's Standup:
    • Yesterday: would like to try on the objects with methods, but can not reach that far due to the errors for redirection. Would like the migration-utils provides the function to skip top n records, so that we don't need duplicated migration, and has the flexibility to jump to the objects we would like to migrate. closed  FCREPO-1465 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
    • Today: start to work on  FCREPO-1413 - Getting issue details... STATUS , add check style rules.
    • blocker: none


  • Sprint Wrap-up
  • Nianli's standup:
    • Yesterday: working on  FCREPO-1413 - Getting issue details... STATUS , add check style rule to pom.xml, and making changes to the code to let it pass the check style rule.
    • Today: continue working on  FCREPO-1413 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
    • Blocker: may not have time to work on the unit test