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Title (Goal)DSpace should provide basic statistics - page views, file downloads, file downloads per collection - to the administrator and end user in a variety of formats
Primary ActorEnd User and Administrator
Scope(Optional – notes the perceived design scope. For example, does this use case describe the needs of the overall system or an individual component)
Level(Optional – a general categorization of whether the use case is a very high level summary or almost too low level)
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

Sally wants to see how many times her dissertation has been downloaded. She goes to the item page and can see both the number of times the page has been viewed as well as the number of times it has been downloaded. She can see this by different time frames (last day, month, year) as well as for specific time frames (Feb-Mar this year). She is especially interested in seeing a graphic representation of downloads so she can better see visually whether there was an impact on downloads when she presented on her research at a scholarly conference.


Sally deposited an article in the repository. She gets a monthly email telling her how many times it has been downloaded from the repository that month as well as overall. (BePress functionality)


Sally administers a collection (or community). She wants to know the total number of downloads for that collection for the last fiscal year in order to include it in a report.


Sally administers a collection (or community). She wants to see the top ten downloads for the last month for her monthly report to her supervisor.


Sally administers a collection (or community). She receives a monthly email containing the total number of downloads and the top three downloads for that collection that month.


John manages the repository. He is asked to provide total number of downloads for the entire repository as well as page views for the Library annual report. He is asked to make sure those downloads are as close to 'real' downloads as possible and has been able to weed out a large number of crawlers and bots from the statistics.




  1. NOTE: See the Child Pages (listed above) for other specific Use Cases that seem to relate to improving or enhancing "Basic Statistics" within DSpace.

    Other general Statistics Use Cases are obviously also available under the "uc-stats-metrics" label

  2. A good example of some of these Basic Statistics Use Cases in action (e.g. date ranges, cumulative counts, etc) is the customized DSpace Statistics views at:  (developed by Andrea Schweer)