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As discussed in the June 12 DCAT mtg, we would like to identify what the top development priorities are for the community -- what features or improvements to DSpace would have the most benefit to the most number of institutions. This can be something we've reviewed already, something you plan to review, something in JIRA or something entirely new.  The goal of this discussion is to make a short priority list (perhaps including just 3 features/improvements) and to see if we can regularly market the priority list to the community for help, with a particularly focus on the people who manage developers (and beyond the regular pool of committers and developers). I would challenge everyone to think not just of big, dramatic, sexy features (which may be very large and complex to plan and implement), but also smaller projects that still may have a chance of getting into a release in the near future (perhaps something like the update of Dublin Core). Participation/feedback is welcomed from not just DCAT members, but anyone in the community.  To participate in this discussion, simply click the "Add Comments" button below.

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  1. I don't know if this is already a JIRA ticket but we would REALLY like to see bitstream level description in addition to the item description -- and we'd probably be able to commit developer time to help with this.

    Oops, sorry. I dashed this off as I ran out the door last night because it's something we keep running up against, and then I realized it's already part of the overall metadata discussion.

  2. It's not entirely clear to me whether this covers new features, improvements to existing features or bugfixes. I see both DS-1188 and DS-570 as bugs that should definitely be resolved. Anyway, here's a personal list, not reflecting the opinion of @mire as a whole:

    1. Bugfixes

    2. Improvements

    3. Completely new features

  3. In reply to Sue and Bram:

    Both Sue's feature request and Bram's last feature "External Author ID integration" (for the most part) can be fixed as a part of the "Metadata for all" initiative.
    I don't think there is a Jira issue for "Metadata for all", but there is a pull request and 2 wiki pages:

    I think you can help best by testing and providing feedback to this code: