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(If you have an agenda suggestion/addition, please leave a comment!)

  1. Updates - status and activity
  2. JIRA transition:
  3. Verify schedule for development sprint
    1. Scheduled for 2 weeks: July 5 - 9, 12 - 16
    2. Meetings on Tue/Thurs
  4. Review of backlog →  Initial assignments
    1. Backlog



DuraCloud documentation

  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


  • Andy
    • Mohana put in a PR which adds handing for extra headers in Swift
    • Wouldn't hurt to check on aws headers
  • Danny
    • Not too much headway on the terraform (focused on Fedora RC)
    • AitSync looking fine after a restart (Bill to look again)
  • Nick
    • Last week of June, may be able to jump on DuraCloud
  • Digital Preservation discussions
    • Bill Talked with the Chronopolis team about a need to understand the current needs, plans/strategy, activity to support digital preservation (or not)
    • Will likely be doing some kind of joint outreach to ask these questions
    • U Toronto has spoken with two subscribers about their potential use of DuraCloud
      • Biggest subscriber decided to not use DuraCloud, just using Swift straight up
      • Second subscriber doing half and half; preservation-focused storage is through DuraCloud, content for distribution or streaming directly through Swift
  • Sprint planning
    • Assignments made in JIRA
    • Do we want to add support for Postgres?
      • If we do this, might want to move to Postgres rather than try to support two DBs
      • MariaDB tends to be faster than MySQL in Fedora tests
      • Haven't seen any performance bottlenecks with MySQL so far. Bottlenecks tend to be data transfer.
      • MySQL has fallen behind in dev, we should put more focus on supporting MariaDB
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