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(If you have an agenda suggestion/addition, please leave a comment!)

  1. Welcome Lydia! - introductions
  2. Updates - status and activity
    1. DuraCloud Mill Docker/Terraform - Danny
    2. Multi-part upload - Mohana
    3. Release 7.0 deployment status
  3. Planning JIRA transition
  4. Verify schedule for next development sprint
    1. Scheduled for 2 weeks: July 5 - 9, 12 - 16
    2. Kickoff meeting on July 2 (schedule a time for this)
  5. Prioritizing tickets
    1. Backlog
  6. Docker/Terraform strategy



DuraCloud documentation

  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


  • Intros
    • Lydia is new hosting lead for LYRASIS:
    • Nick at TDL, working on DuraCloud since 2016
    • Andy running DuraCloud in Toronto
      • Opening for production plan in May. Will allow use of DuraCloud or Swift.
  • Update
    • Danny has updated DuraCloud duplication policy editor
    • Univ of Toronto - Mohana still working on this, still trying to figure out the MD5 issue. Likely not going to get there before full production.
    • TDL - Focused more on Chronopolis
    • Release 7.0 rollout
      • Terminating beanstalk in a VPC is difficult. Can get into a zombie state. Easy to stop, not so easy to terminate. Especially if there are shared security groups.
        • Tries to delete everything associated with the beanstalk environment, so if there are shared elements (like a security group), it fails to terminate
        • Would be nice to get this in the documentation
    • Options: JIRA Cloud, Github issues
    • Will have to redirect. We can't pick our URL.
    • Vireo project migrated to Github Issues, but the migration was painful. Nice to have everything under one roof.
    • Easy to create accounts in JIRA, but not everyone has a Github account
    • Nick - have enjoyed hosted JIRA
    • Andy - using the hosted JIRA/Confluence as well, but very expensive
    • Determination: Move to using JIRA Cloud
  • Next Sprint
    • Kickoff meeting: 11am ET on July 6
    • Standup calls: 11am ET, July 8, July 13, July 15
  • Tickets
    • Split out Docker/Terraform, Andy will do Docker bit
    • DURACLOUD-1302 - really only an issue for LYRASIS, and may not be an issue if we adjust our pricing/account model structure

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