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Tags to be translated = Browsing DSpace = et al = Author

browse.type.metadata.subject = Subject

browse.type.item.title = Title

browse.type.item.dateissued = Issue Date

browse.type.item.dateaccessioned = Submit Date

browse.nav.jump = Jump to:

browse.nav.enter = or enter first few letters:

browse.nav.go = Go! = Jump to a point in the index:

browse.nav.month = (Choose month)

browse.nav.year = (Choose year)

browse.nav.type-year = Or type in a year:

browse.full.header = Browsing {0} by

browse.full.sort-by = Sort by:

browse.full.order = In order:

browse.full.rpp = Results/Page

browse.full.range = Showing results {0} to {1} of {2}

browse.full.prev = < previous = next >

browse.full.etal = Authors/Record:

browse.full.etal.unlimited = All

browse.single.header = Browsing {0} by

browse.single.order = Order:

browse.single.rpp = Results/Page

browse.single.range = Showing results {0} to {1} of {2}

browse.single.prev = < previous = next > = There are no entries in the index for Collection "{0}". = There are no entries in the index for Community "{0}". = There are no entries in the index for "All of DSpace". = No Entries in Index = Author = Subject = Title = Issue Date = Submit Date

browse.sort-by.title = title

browse.sort-by.dateissued = issue date

browse.sort-by.dateaccessioned = submit date

browse.order.asc = Ascending

browse.order.desc = Descending

help.collection-admin = /help/collection-admin.html

help.index = /help/index.html = /help/site-admin.html

help.formats = /help/formats.jsp

itemlist.dc.contributor.* = Author(s) = Author(s)

itemlist.dc.creator = Author(s) = Defense Date = Issue Date

itemlist.dc.title = Title

itemlist.dc.type = Type

itemlist.dc.type.* = Type

itemlist.dc.type.course = Course = Degree = et al

itemlist.thumbnail = Preview

jsp.browse.items-by-subject.heading1 = Items for Subject

jsp.browse.items-by-subject.return = Return to Browse by Subject = Showing {0} items.

jsp.browse.items-by-subject.sort1 = Sorting by Title

jsp.browse.items-by-subject.sort2 = Sort by Date

jsp.browse.items-by-subject.sort3 = Sort by Title

jsp.browse.items-by-subject.sort4 = Sorting by Date

jsp.browse.items-by-subject.title = Items for Subject

jsp.browse.subject.enter = or enter first few letters:

jsp.browse.subject.jump = Jump to: = Showing subjects {0}-{1} of {2}.

jsp.browse.subject.title = Browse by Subject

jsp.collection-home.feeds = RSS Feeds = RSS Feeds

jsp.controlledvocabulary.controlledvocabulary.clearbutton = Clear

jsp.controlledvocabulary.controlledvocabulary.closebutton = Close

jsp.controlledvocabulary.controlledvocabulary.filter = Filter: = (Help on Subject Categories...)

jsp.controlledvocabulary.controlledvocabulary.title = Subject Categories

jsp.controlledvocabulary.controlledvocabulary.trimbutton = Apply

jsp.controlledvocabulary.controlledvocabulary.trimmessage = Find a subject in the controlled vocabulary:

jsp.controlledvocabulary.controlledvocabularytag.noresults = No results

jsp.controlledvocabulary.results.newsearch = Search other subject... = Clear = Filter: = Subject Search = Check the boxes next to the categories that you wish to search under, then hit "Search...". Categories can be expanded to refine the search terms, and as many categories can be selected as required. = Filtering the list of categories will remove from the list below any categories that do not match the filter term. Expanding each category will show you which terms did match the filter. = Search... = Subject Search = Apply = Find a subject in the controlled vocabulary:

jsp.display-item.suggest = Recommend this item

jsp.dspace-admin.confirm-delete-mdfield.confirm = Are you sure the field <strong>{0}</strong> should be deleted?

jsp.dspace-admin.confirm-delete-mdfield.heading = Delete Metadata Field:


jsp.dspace-admin.confirm-delete-mdfield.title = Delete Metadata Field

jsp.dspace-admin.confirm-delete-mdfield.warning = This will result in an error if any items have values for this metadata field.

jsp.dspace-admin.confirm-delete-mdschema.confirm = Are you sure the schema <strong>{0}</strong> should be deleted?

jsp.dspace-admin.confirm-delete-mdschema.heading = Delete Metadata Schema:


jsp.dspace-admin.confirm-delete-mdschema.title = Delete Metadata Schema

jsp.dspace-admin.confirm-delete-mdschema.warning = This will result in an error if any metadata fields exist within this schema

jsp.dspace-admin.eperson-edit.emailexists = That email address is in use by another EPerson. Emails must be unique.

jsp.dspace-admin.eperson-edit.groups = Groups EPerson is Member of:

jsp.dspace-admin.eperson-main.noepersonselected = No EPerson selected!

jsp.dspace-admin.general.eperson = EPerson = Add Group = Select Group to Add to Group {0} = Select Group

jsp.dspace-admin.license-edit.description = Edit the default license by using the text box below. The license cannot be empty.
Please ensure the license meets the legal conditions of your country.
Changing this license will not affect those items already published and collections with their own licenses.

jsp.dspace-admin.license-edit.edited = The Default License has been updated

jsp.dspace-admin.license-edit.empty = You must enter a license!

jsp.dspace-admin.license-edit.heading = Default License Editor

jsp.dspace-admin.license-edit.title = Edit Default License

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.addfield = Add Metadata Field

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.addfieldnote = To create a new field you must provide a unique element and qualifier pair. The qualifier may be left blank if desired and the element and qualifier cannot contain spaces, underscores or periods.

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.element = Element

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.move = Move Field

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.moveformnote = If you have more than one schema a form would appear here allowing you to move fields between schemas.

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.movenote = To move one or more field, select the desired fields (use control-key to select multiple) and the target schema. If the target schema already has fields with identical names the fields will not be moved.

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.movesubmit = Move

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.note = Note: Adding a new field to the registry does not add a corresponding input field to the submit forms!

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.qualifier = Qualifier

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.schema = Schema

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.schemas = Schemas

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.scope = Scope Note

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-fields.title = Metadata Field Registry

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-schemas.instruction = Create a new schema by entering a namespace/name or edit an existing one by clicking the update button. The schema name must be less than 32 characters and cannot include spaces, periods or underscores. = Name

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-schemas.namespace = Namespace

jsp.dspace-admin.list-metadata-schemas.title = Metadata Schema Registry = News Editor

jsp.dspace-admin.wizard-permissions.click2 = Click on the 'Select Groups' button to choose groups to add to the list. = All MIT users

jsp.dspace-admin.workflow-abort-confirm.button = Abort

jsp.error.invalid-id.constants.type.0 = Bitstream

jsp.error.invalid-id.constants.type.1 = Bundle

jsp.error.invalid-id.constants.type.2 = Item

jsp.error.invalid-id.constants.type.3 = Collection

jsp.error.invalid-id.constants.type.4 = Community

jsp.error.invalid-id.constants.type.5 = Site

jsp.error.invalid-id.constants.type.6 = Group

jsp.error.invalid-id.constants.type.7 = EPerson

jsp.error.invalid-id.type.object = Object

jsp.general.goto = Go to

jsp.general.home = DSpace Home = ID

jsp.general.mydspace = My DSpace

jsp.general.subjects.button = Subjects

jsp.home.feeds = RSS Feeds

jsp.layout.navbar-admin.editlicense = Edit Default

jsp.layout.navbar-admin.metadataregistry = Metadata

jsp.layout.navbar-admin.withdrawn = Withdrawn Items

jsp.layout.navbar-default.subjects = Subjects

jsp.layout.navbar-default.subjectsearch = Subject Search

jsp.login.chooser.chooseyour = Choose one of these ways to login:

jsp.login.chooser.heading = Choose a Login Method

jsp.login.chooser.title = Choose Login Method = Open

jsp.mydspace.main.heading6 = Authorization Groups I'm a Member Of

jsp.mydspace.request.export.collection = Export Collection

jsp.mydspace.request.export.item = Export Item = If you or your department are interested in registering with DSpace, please contact the DSpace site administrators. = If you or your department are interested in registering with DSpace, please contact the DSpace site administrators.

jsp.register.profile-form.language.field = Languages:

jsp.submit.choose-file.skip = Skip file upload >

jsp.submit.edit-metadata.controlledvocabulary = Subject Categories

jsp.submit.edit-metadata.info2 = Please fill further information about this submission below.

jsp.submit.progressbar.initial-questions = Describe = Cancel = You must select a collection for this item. = You are not authorized to submit to any collections

jsp.suggest.button.cancel = Cancel

jsp.suggest.button.send = Send Recommendation

jsp.suggest.heading = Recommended Item:

jsp.suggest.invitation = To recommend this item to someone, complete the form below. Fields marked with a '*' are required.

jsp.suggest.message = Personal message:

jsp.suggest.recipemail = E-mail of recipient*:

jsp.suggest.recipname = Name of recipient:

jsp.suggest.senderemail = Your e-mail address:

jsp.suggest.sendername = Your name:

jsp.suggest.title = Recommend an Item

jsp.suggest.warning = Please fill in all required fields

jsp.suggestok.button.close = Close

jsp.suggestok.heading = Your recommendation was successfully sent!

jsp.suggestok.title = Recommendation Sent = Add or Replace Creative Commons License = DSpace Distribution License = Add Creative Commons License = Schema = Move Item = Replace Creative Commons License = Query = return to e-person full list = Search = Language = Language ↑ = Close = Groups {0}-{1} of {2} = Clicking on the 'Add' button next to a group will add that group to the list on the main form. = First = < 5 Pages = 5 Pages > = Last = < 1 Page = 1 Page > = ID = ID ↑ = Name = Name ↑ = Select Groups = Check the box next to items you wish to remove, and choose 'remove'. = Move = Collection to move from = Collection to move to = Name of the item to be moved = Moving an item = Authors

metadata.dc.contributor.editor = Editors

news-side.html = news-side.html

news-top.html = news-top.html = Submitted to Collection: = Thumbnail = Remove Selected = Select Group... = Select Groups... = Collection = Community = DSpace {0}: {1} = The DSpace digital repository system captures, stores, indexes, preserves, and distributes digital research material. = The Channel Image = no title = Search the Channel = search = colleague = A DSpace user = The {0}''s search engine = The DSpace search engine = colleague = A DSpace user = The element cannot contain periods, underscores or spaces. = The qualifier cannot contain periods, underscores or spaces. = The requested field could not be created due to an already existing field with an identical name. = The element cannot be empty. = The element must be shorter than 64 characters. = Please select both a field to move and a destination shema. = The requested field(s) could not be moved due to an identical field in the destination schema. = The qualifier must be shorter than 64 characters. = The short name cannot be empty. = The namespace cannot be empty. = The short name cannot contain spaces, underscores or periods. = The short name must be 32 characters or less.

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.bitstream-format = Bitstream format

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.bitstream-found = Bitstream found

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.bitstream-id = Bitstream ID

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.bitstream-info-found = Bitstream info found

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.bitstream-marked-deleted = Bitstream marked deleted

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.checksum-algorithm = Checksum algorithm

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.checksum-comparison-result = Checksum comparison result

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.internal-id = Internal Id = Name = New checksum

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.previous-checksum = Previous checksum

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.previous-checksum-data = Previous checksum data

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.previous-checksum-date = Previous checksum date = Run start time

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.size = Size

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.source = Source = Store number = To be processed

org.dspace.checker.ResultsLogger.user-format-description = User format description

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.bitstream-id = Bitstream Id

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.bitstream-not-found-report = The following is a BITSTREAM NOT FOUND report for

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.bitstream-will-no-longer-be-processed = The following is a BITSTREAM WILL NO LONGER BE PROCESSED report for

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.check-id = Check Id

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.checksum = Checksum

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.checksum-algorithm = Checksum Algorithm

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.checksum-calculated = Checksum Calculated

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.checksum-did-not-match = The following is a CHECKSUM DID NOT MATCH report for

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.checksum-expected = Checksum Expected = to

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.deleted = Deleted

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.deleted-bitstream-intro = The following is a BITSTREAM SET DELETED report for

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.description = Description

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.format-id = Format Id

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.howto-add-unchecked-bitstreams = To add these bitstreams to be checked run the checksum checker with the -u option

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.internal-id = Internal Id = Name = There were no bitstreams found with changed checksums = There were NO bitstreams found to be set as deleted today = There were no bitstreams set to no longer be processed = There were no bitstreams found with changed checksums = There are no bitstreams that are not checked by the checker

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.process-end-date = Process End Date

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.process-start-date = Process Start Date

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.result = Result

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.size = Size

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.source = Source = Store Number

org.dspace.checker.SimpleReporterImpl.unchecked-bitstream-report = The following is a UN-CHECKED BITSTREAM REPORT report for

org.dspace.content.Collection.untitled = Untitled

org.dspace.content.Community.untitled = Untitled

org.dspace.eperson.LDAPAuthentication.title = Enter LDAP Netid and Password

org.dspace.eperson.PasswordAuthentication.title = Enter DSpace Username and Password

org.dspace.eperson.X509Authentication.title = Enter DSpace using Web Certificate

org.dspace.eperson.Subscribe.authors = Authors: = ID: = New Items:

org.dspace.eperson.Subscribe.title = Title:

org.dspace.workflow.WorkflowManager.step1 = It requires reviewing.

org.dspace.workflow.WorkflowManager.step2 = The submission must be checked before inclusion in the archive.

org.dspace.workflow.WorkflowManager.step3 = The metadata needs to be checked to ensure compliance with the collection's standards, and edited if necessary.

org.dspace.workflow.WorkflowManager.untitled = Untitled

search.order.asc = Ascending

search.order.desc = Descending

search.results.etal = Authors/record

search.results.order = In order

search.results.perpage = Results/Page

search.results.sort-by = Sort items by

search.sort-by.relevance = Relevance

search.sort-by.title = Title

search.sort-by.dateissued = Issue Date

search.sort-by.dateaccessioned = Submit Date

search.update = Update

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