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This proposal has been approved and the text has been incorporated into the Elections page.

Currently, we hold annual elections where members at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels (as well as non-members in the community) are elected for one-year terms. However, particularly with a quarterly meeting cycle, single year terms don’t provide much time to get acclimated with the group and its processes. Therefore, we propose to change the term for elected Leaders to two years, with half of the elected seats up for election every year. The following additional rules would apply:

  1. If an elected Leader changes institutions during their two year term, the institution would have the option to appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term. The only exception would be at-large community members, who are not elected based on institutional membership.  For those positions, no action would occur since the person could retain their seat.
  2. If an elected Leader's institution changes their membership level during the two year term, the elected Leader would retain their seat until the end of their term.

The total number of elected seats at each membership level is based on the number of members at that level and is defined on the top-level Elections page. For the first year, we would stagger the turnover by extending some seats for an additional year and ending others as follows:

  1. Bronze: 3 seats (extend 2, end term 1)
  2. Silver: 3 seats (extend 1, end term 2)
  3. Gold: 4 seats (extend 2, end term 2)
  4. At-large: 2 seats (extend 1, end term 1)

We would then hold an election for the seats that are not extended. Each of the newly elected Leaders would serve a two year term.

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