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  1. Danny Bernstein
  2. Andrew Woods
  3. Ben Pennell
  4. Peter Eichman
  5. Jared Whiklo 
  6. Bethany Seeger
  7. Peter Winckles
  8. Mohamed Mohideen Abdul Rasheed (star)
  9. Aaron Birkland
  10. Dan Field
  11. Remigiusz Malessa


  1. Round table retrospective
    1. What worked/ what didn't
    2. what you would change 
  2. What tickets are currently incomplete that need to be handed off
  3. Who is available to bring our top level sprint goals to a demo-able state?
    1. reading and writing containers and binaries
    2. Fedora 3 → Fedora 6 migration
  4. Wrap up


  • Retrospective
    • Andrew
      • Impressive team, and good sprint
      • it was good process-wise as well
    • Danny
      • Sprint was good overall
      • Felt that attention to address group's concern was less, as I was focused on particular tasks I was working on.
    • Ben
      • Good discussions, good feedback
      • Felt productive
      • Good sprint overall
    • Peter Eichman
      • Felt lot was accomplished as a team
      • Personally. found difficult to follow sometimes on OCFL implementation
    • Jared
      • Everything went well
      • There are still things need to be decided - future sprint would still need discussions and decisions to be made
      • Learned a lot
    • Bethany
      • Echo what Andrew said
      • We did not do as much as I wanted
      • Enjoyed coding
      • Slight bottleneck: Could not fully participate - may be able to spend some time next week
    • Peter Winckles
      • Mostly working on OCFL problems
        • Filename restrictions problems
      • Felt pretty removed from Fedora work
    • Mohamed
      • Felt accomplished lesser than the previous sprint
      • Initially, felt a little lost on CRUD stuff as I missed some meetings
  • Sprint Summary Slack Channel
    • Did not use it this sprint
    • Thoughts:
      • Write summary only if someone asks for it
        • For example, after a long-discussion on slack, if someone wants to catch up on what was the discussion about and the decisions made, he can ask for it in the channel and we can provide quick summary.
  • Tickets review:
    • FCREPO-3082 - Needs more work, Peter will wrap up and leave it in a state for someone else can pickup.
    • FCREPO-3096 - Still in progress (probably able to finish today)
    • FCREPO-3105 - Can be probably moved back to Todo as it would need more work
    • FCREPO-3126 - Is done, just need a rebase
    • FCREPO-3129 - In progress, will try to get a PR today
    • FCREPO-3060 - Should be able to get to review by end of today
  • Migration update from Andrew
    • Migration basically working
    • Needs more tuneup, but not looking at it right now
    • More decisions need to be made
    • Working on CLI
  • Actions Items for Danny Bernstein
    • Add a discussion point to this Thursday's call to discuss features for the demo 
    • Doodle for next sprint in Jan / Feb 2020

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