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Time:12:00PM PST/03:00PM EST - 01:00PM PST/04:00PM EST





Status of GeoWorks

  • There is no strong desire by anyone to maintain and move ahead with upgrading GeoWorks for Hyrax 2.y.z and 3.0.0 releases
  • Bess Sadler was not available to attend the meeting today, but Mark will discuss this with them in order to confirm that this is indeed the case
  • This Gem probably ends up being deprecated and moved into GeoBlacklight and the Metadata Interest Group
  • Originally this was just a set of Works with the appropriate metadata
  • Now, we have the tools to generate the metadata profile, so a separate Gem as a core component is probably unnecessary

CircleCI Orb as a Core Component (Collin)

  • Collin has been undertaking work to migrate the CircleCI Orb from samvera-labs as a core component to samvera
    • Standard checklist for a core component is going to be weird for the Orb, given that it is not a Gem
    • Collin will raise any questions or concerns as they arise
    • If there are requirements that just don't apply, then it's probably fine
    • The main concern is licensing (Collin added one)
    • Everyone who has committed to the project must also have had a CLA on file
    • It has a test suite for linting and ensuring that the Orb can be built
  • Tom Johnson (not present for the call) also proposed that should try to use Rails new to generate a new application in order to further test the Orb
  • Mark: That's basically Nurax, as it pulls every new commit from Hyrax and runs continuous integration for this
  • Also, there is a need to improve the documentation for its usage
  • Promotion Checklist Doc

Action Items

  • James will put out a call for deprecated for geo_works
  • Will request that community members propose a maintenence plan should they wish to prevent this deprecation
  • Note that those who are using it can still continue using that in 1.x Hyrax releases
  • James will add this to the agenda for the next tech. call

Meeting adjourned at 12:13 PST/15:13 EST

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